I’m not sure what things are like in your house, but in my house I can certainly relate to the findings of the following survey which shows that kids spend an inordinate amount of time on their tablets or smartphones.

“Multi-tasking” (using the smartphone while watching TV or taking part in a conversation) has become the norm for kids today – and one has to wonder if it’s going to do them harm in the long run?

Coming from a generation when it was a luxury to have a single-channel TV in the house (and that was black & white) it’s interesting to read the attached survey.

I wonder if it wouldn’t be much healthier for our kids if we could get them to go outside and play with their friends, or if it were safe for them to ride around on their bicycles in relative safety?

Electronic play time, whilst most likely stimulating for the brain, is not helpful when it comes to general fitness, time out and just having a good time.


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