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Bespoke Brand Positioning Services in Cork

Want to create a good impression in your customer’s mind? Get in touch with the experts at Lougheed Marketing for brand positioning in Cork. Because every business is unique, we provide bespoke services specially designed to drive growth in carefully defined market segments. The objective is to make your brand more desirable, distinctive, specific, and clear. 

Choose us for Brand Positioning in Cork, and your brand will stand out from competitor brands in the marketplace. We never rely on a one-size-fits-all approach as the foundation of our branding services is to help your business grow. We will design your brand in a way that reflects your core offering, principles, professionalism, service, and value.



Steps We Follow For Brand Positioning

  • Contact us to arrange for a free initial consultation.
  • Discuss your business needs and we will create a customized plan for you.
  • Consideration will be given to your current marketing position.
  • If your current brand positing can be improved, we will identify the opportunities and suggest key actions.
  • Through careful competitor analysis, we will identify the companies in the marketplace that may be a threat to your brand.
  • Consideration will be given to your brand’s objectives, core values, attributes, features, and strengths to help us to develop your USPs.
  • Build branding strategies designed to target profitable customer segments.
  • Work with you and your clients and implement the plan together.



Why Choose Us For Brand Positioning In Cork?

  • Considerable experience in delivering brand positioning strategies for a wide selection of Cork business owners.
  • Customer service is the basis of everything we do.
  • We work hard to establish and maintain a long-term relationship with all our clients.
  • Know your target market and build effective branding strategies.
  • Our transparent service offering can be tailored to client budgets and requirements.

It truly is all about the customer….

“Customer Service is not just one department in a business, but rather it is a whole way of doing business that permeates every aspect of an organisation.”

Murray Raphel

We guide clients in answering  the following questions, and then devise effective marketing and communications solutions to help them develop effective customer relationships leading to business growth!

“What value do you deliver for your customers?

What customer problems are you helping to solve?

Are there other market segments available for your products/services

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