Social Media Optimisation In Cork

Optimise Your Online Presence For Profitable Branding  

A marketing strategy that is too important to ignore – Social Media Optimisation helps your business stay on the top by targeting the right audiences. At Lougheed, we provide advanced services for social media optimisation in Cork. We strive to understand and comprehend how social media and businesses interlink. The purpose of getting your brand voice heard on different social media platforms is undeniable. We are a marketing agency enabling you to humanise your business, thus improving market insights, relationships and traffic.  

You can establish and represent your brand across different social media channels creating mass appeal and engagement. Online optimisation is all about creating robust emotional connections with the audience and amplifying business identity. We help you do that effectively, carefully tailoring the strategies for long-term difference and sustainability.

Post, Attract & Engage

The age of social media is and digital marketing has now moved beyond its infancy and now all platforms offer tailored advertising solutions that are designed to connect you with potentially huge swathes of potential customers. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are the key platforms that help business to connect directly with such key target customers.

Facebook: Facebook Marketing is great for paid advertisements and organic posting. It facilitates audience interactions by focusing directly on sales. The experts blend creative methods for a greater marketing impact with lasting user benefits.  

Twitter: Twitter is the topmost platform for audience engagement. On Twitter you can gain useful customer insights, showcase your brand personality, gather feedback and be part of the popular Twitter brand community. 

Instagram: Instagram Marketing is mostly done to advertise products and services with a personalised sense of creativity. The brand allows active marketing through engaging pictures and videos that are eye-catching. Subsequent results are highly successful when it comes to promoting brands and business.  

YouTube– The best pathway to reach a mass audience base is Youtube. It is the first choice destination for strengthening your business voice. You can utilise this platform for launching products and events by the use of captivating and engaging content that targeted audiences will love. 

 Social Media Strategy Development 

  • Competitive marketplace research
  • Brand Expansion through Social Media  
  • Community Management
  • Ad Specialisations 
  • Promotional Contests and Marketing Devices
  • Evergreen Content Creation
  • Social Media Conversion & Optimisation

Why Social Media Optimisation? 

Your social media marketing efforts will be undermined if you ignore this critical step of knowing how to get ahead of the competition by devising effective SMO strategies and implementation techniques. 

Please take a moment to think about the answers to the following questions:

  • Have I selected the right social platform to help amplify my brand?  
  • Is my content worth sharing?
  • Exactly how many posts to we produce and in which calculative ratio
  • Should we be considering self-promotional or generic posts for better audience connection?  
  • If there are time constraints, which tool can I use to spin the social posts? 

Here, we aim to unlock SMO Potential through seamless curation, transformative scales and unending sales.  

Our Approach 

Step 1- Enhancing the content design with graphics and other visual elements. 

Step 2- Targeted setting up of social media profiles and the initial steps of optimisation. 

Step 3 – Posting relevant and accurate content for unique communication buildup. 

Step 4 – Promoting brands and businesses to specific audience segments and groups. 

At Lougheed, we work with a team of professional social media marketers who publish and optimise social media content as per client’s requirements. 

If your goal is to build authentic connections and reach a prominent position on SERP, you can depend on us.

We will work hard to optimise your business social media presence focused on delivering both a strong and workable long-term plan designed to get results. 

It truly is all about the customer….

“Customer Service is not just one department in a business, but rather it is a whole way of doing business that permeates every aspect of an organisation.”

Murray Raphel

We guide clients in answering  the following questions, and then devise effective marketing and communications solutions to help them develop effective customer relationships leading to business growth!

“What value do you deliver for your customers?

What customer problems are you helping to solve?

Are there other market segments available for your products/services

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