Sponsorship Solution Cork

Unique Brand Promotion and Sponsorship Solution Cork

Everything starts and ends with your brand. At Lougheed Marketing, we work strategically to promote enhanced brand growth and identity to key target audiences by telling the story of your business personality. With our sponsorship solution Cork, we promise to uphold your brand voice, values, and principles that ultimately make for the successful ingredient of your business. We also help with valuable marketing and sponsorships management advice and implementation along with quality creativity.

Because We Focus on Visionary Growth  

As an experienced marketing and brand oriented business that has worked on multiple client projects, we help businesses to established consistent differentiation for our clients through brand promotion, creativity and effective sponsorship management. We take the time to understand our client values, and after proper evaluation, deliver beneficial outcomes focused on a high return on investment. Our imaginative and comprehensive brand strategies, along with insightful research, have helped businesses strengthen their exposure and dominance in the market. 

We Are Ready To Jump On Board With You

Our approach is success-focused from the start. With our sponsorship solution Cork, your business can gain from a strategic advantage, pivoting its way through the competitive marketplace with a constant focus on growth and consistency. We help you to stand out, expand and to succeed.  

We provide tailored brand sponsorship solutions in Cork, looking after your specific needs and opening up more opportunities for our clients. Our full range of tailor-made services include – 

  • Sponsorship Strategies 
  • Sponsorship Management
  • Evaluation and Multi-Dimensional Auditing  
  • Sponsorship Negotiation and Advice 
  • Defining Objectives for Brand Activation

Our message is – if you want to be different, talk to us today.

Taking The Leap Of Faith With Us  

We are a leading sponsorship management and commercialization consultancy staffed by experienced and dedicated experts. Talk to us about our sponsorship solutions packages in Cork to benefit from digital brand execution, broadcasting and a positive experience for your business. Over the years, we have successfully worked with big and small businesses to build their brand equity across multiple segments. We want to help your business to grow by elevating the level of recognition for your brand. 

We Offer a Brand Centric Approach

For brand and business differentiation, we design and craft sponsorship opportunities that will work the best for you and your business. We are constantly monitoring the landscape to assess projects that would best suit our client’s needs. Through measured evaluation and a collaborative approach with you, we guarantee sponsorship activations that will exceed your expectations.

Talk to us today if you would like to know more about how sponsorship management can help your brand in the marketplace. 

It truly is all about the customer….

“Customer Service is not just one department in a business, but rather it is a whole way of doing business that permeates every aspect of an organisation.”

Murray Raphel

We guide clients in answering  the following questions, and then devise effective marketing and communications solutions to help them develop effective customer relationships leading to business growth!

“What value do you deliver for your customers?

What customer problems are you helping to solve?

Are there other market segments available for your products/services

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