Marketing Services

Marketing Services Research

The foundation stone of all marketing services activities is knowing the marketplace and how best to react to opportunities to help your business to grow.

Marketing Strategy

Every business is unique, and we work with our clients on effective marketing services strategies that are designed to drive growth and profitability in clearly defined market segments.

Brand Positioning

Knowing your target market and how your brand or business is perceived by your customers within these markets allows us to build effective marketing strategies for each client business.

Value Proposition

In what ways will your product or service benefit customers?

We will help you to answer this question effectively and to build strong Value Propositions designed to engage effectively with customers and to grow your business by delighting your customers so that they become business advocates and repeat customers.


We will help you to identify your most profitable customer segments and build marketing services strategies designed to target these profitable customer segments.

Marketing Services Planning

We help our customers to design and built effective marketing plans designed to increase sales, grow your business and improve profitability.

Brand Identities

The importance of a thoughtful and well designed brand identity should not be underestimated. Effective designs reinforce your brand promise and plays a key role when it comes to customer engagement. 

Your brand should be designed to reflect your core offering, your principles and stand for quality, service and value in the mind of the consumer.

Working with our designers, we get under the hood of all client businesses so that we can develop effective brand identities designed to sync seamlessly both online and offline.

It truly is all about the customer….

“Customer Service is not just one department in a business, but rather it is a whole way of doing business that permeates every aspect of an organisation.”

Murray Raphel

We guide clients in answering  the following questions, and then devise effective marketing and communications solutions to help them develop effective customer relationships leading to business growth!

“What value do you deliver for your customers?

What customer problems are you helping to solve?

Are there other market segments available for your products/services

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