Developing a good website should be one of the key tasks for every business owner. The process should start with the planning and mapping of the site. However, the time involved in this process can be an issue for busy business owners who may opt to use ready-made templates.

Can ready-to-use templates work as well as a bespoke web layout? The answer to this is a resounding No. Bespoke websites designed specifically for a business will always look and perform better than off-the-shelf options.

What is Website Planning?

Before you go any further, it is important to know what exactly website planning is and what its role is in web development in Cork.

Planning is the first stage of a website development procedure. This should be considered a strategic activity that details the type of website you require, its purpose, design attributes and the ultimate goals for the website.

Therefore, every website planning strategy should focus on the following areas:

  • What solutions is the website being designed to offer?
  • Generating more business opportunities for your business through the website
  • Managing the development time needed for the right planning and proper implementation of the plan

Four Essential Factors to Consider When Planning a Website

To build a website that includes advanced tools and techniques and based on delivering effective ROI for your brand you should have four key factors in your mind during the planning process

  • Target audiences
  • Available budget
  • Intended purpose
  • Features

Careful planning will help you to develop and design a website that delivers on your goals, targetsthe right audiences and delivers on your sales targets as appropriate.

Websites are effective for all types of business. But an experienced web developer can help you to deliver a website that will meet your goals. Whether that is a brochure website, an e-commerce portal or a boutique site – careful planning will help you to deliver the right site for you.

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