One of the most common causes of  business failure is the absence of a strategic marketing plan. Business owners who have a clearly stated vision backed up by an effective Strategic Marketing Plan tend to avoid the pitfalls of failure, and also become a desired place to work as management and employees feel they are part of a real team with a clearly defined vision and goals. 

As experienced independent Marketing specialists let us work with your business to bring a strong marketing focus and direction to your business. 

We know what it takes to research and to build effective strategic plans and we can make that journey easier, more targeted and ultimately more successful for your business. Get in touch with Lougheed Marketing & Communications if you would like to know more. 

3 Benefits Offered By Strategic Marketing In Cork

  • Provides Business Direction And Clarity

Creating a strategic plan for a company is easier when it is aligned with a business vision and mission – if you don’t have one of these, don’t worry, because we can help you to devise both a vision and mission unique to your business that will outline a clearly defined pathway of where you want your business to succeed and how you are going to get there. This where the Strategic Marketing Plan comes in as an important document designed to show you the way step by step. 

  • Brings Organisational Alignment

One of the key benefits to a business in having a Strategic Marketing Plan is that it can be shared across the organization and in this way helps to keep everyone aligned and willing to participate in what we hope will be the success of the business. In addition, this formal structure fosters collegiality amongst different departments and individual staff members as they truly feel part of a winning team.

It also encourages the creative exchange of ideas throughout the entire organization and can be an aid when it comes to dispute resolution.

Most importantly an effective Strategic Marketing Plan will help a business to achieve their business goals and objectives in a timely and structured manner.

  • Inclusive Messaging

It is difficult to overstate the importance for any organization to have buy-in from all sections and every individual in an organision. A Strategic Marketing Plan offers an easily understood framework for this to happen – and delivers a clear organization wide framework that is designed to make everyone aware of the development strategy being employed by the business. It encourages a two-way communications strategy from top-to-bottom that helps people to feel empowered in a positive way that can only benefit the business. If you want to adopt an effective marketing centric approach for your business in Cork, make sure you a cogent strategic plan. 

Because strategic marketing is so important for every business, it’s time you get in touch with the experts at Lougheed Marketing & Communications.

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