Recent research shows that video usage on the internet in growing exponentially.

In fact You Tube is now the 2nd largest search engine (after Google) and it continues to grow.

Why, you might ask, is this the case? Well the answer is simple really, we humans much prefer to video watching experience to reading reams of text – it’s all down to engagement – a key component on any online marketing strategy.

Integrated videos in your businesses web site will provide benefit your business by:

a. Building Communities

b. Generate Traffic to your Website

c. Establish your business as an authority in a particular area

d. Provide valuable help and instructions to your “community”.

Time was when You Tube was viewed as a simple video sharing platform… but not any more, as You Tube is now a fully functioning search engine in its own right allowing users to comment and of course giving you the opportunity of replying to those comments.

Furthermore, from a business perspective, you can include “Annotations” and/or “Cards” with your video which can be helpful, when used selectively, in directing customers to your company website.

Today, we’ve included a video giving key facts on You Tube usage which reinforces the need for your business to consider making video part of your marketing mix into the future.

Some of these key facts include:

* 2 billion videos viewed every day.

* 24-hours of video is uploaded every minute of every day.

* You Tube is owned by Google, so video usage increases your business ranking within the search engine.

* 68% of the top 50 online retailers use video.

* Landing pages that use video generage 4 to 7 times higher engagement.

      * They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well now it’s being said that 1 minute of video is equal to 1.8m      words.

      * You Tube accounts for 28% of all Google searches (and growing)

Every business has something interesting to say, or valuable information to impart to their customers on a regular basis.

The social media landscape continues to change almost daily, but one thing is for sure – video usage is here to stay and the figures speak for themselves.

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