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As usual, it’s been a busy week in the world of marketing, communications and social media. However, a few items that caught our intention are worth sharing with you this week.

Firstly we noted a post by Priya Florence Shah who elaborated on the topic of “How Social Media Can Transform Your Business”.

Priva produced a number of statistics that we found interesting and relevant, including:

  • 16+ Blog posts per month = 3.5 times more traffic than posting between 0 and 4 posts.
  • B2C business that blog 11+ times per month gain 4 times more interaction than those that post between 4 and 5 times per month.
  • A key point from her findings is that businesses should try to publish more than 4 times per month to gain traction and results for their businesses.
  • Blogs which include video content encourage 3 times more inbound links (a key metric to be welcomed).
  • Posts which include video, images and lists benefit from 6 times more inbound links.
  • Her findings also suggest that longer posts (1,800 to 3,000 words) are more beneficial as they attract up to 15 times more inbound links.

On the subject of Mailing Lists, the research suggests that 60% of marketers report an increase in their Return on Investment from e-mail marketing – just goes to show that this form or marketing is still a preferred avenue for B2C interactions.

Scanning the Social Media landscape over the last week or so, the following changes may be of interest to you:

Facebook are now enabling people to select which posts show up in their Timelines e.g. preferred friends and a selection of “liked” retailers and consumer pages.

Also, Facebook have updated how Cost-Per-Clicks are measured to only include clicks to websites and Apps (not Likes, Shares and Comments).

Twitter has introduced a new Ads Companion which allows advertisers on Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android applications to easily manage and optimize their campaigns.

In addition to monitoring campaigns, Twitter Ads companion also provides advertisers with a broad overview on campaign metrics such as spend, impressions, and engagements.

Perhaps controversially, Twitter has also deleted user Wallpapers (without explanation). Wallpapers will no longer be available on Home or Profile Pages.

This week You Tube has announced that they are to show 360 degree video ads. Time will tell if these will prove successful, but based on my experiences of such videos I think they will produce spectacular results, and will be widely adopted by brands.

Finally, it has also been reported this week that branded content views on You Tube increased by 55% since 2014. This confirms that business brands are confident with the channel and convinced that the customer interactions that follow are good for business.

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