Executing the right marketing strategies is indeed a delicate operation. It requires a skilled mind to identify business objectives and to align them with your marketing goals. 

This is where the job of a marketing professional comes into its own. They act as business advisors, and aid in the planning and execution of marketing strategies. They monitor its progress, adapt and innovate according to the changing dynamics of the strategy roll out. 

In addition, experienced professionals will aim to deliver solutions designed to add value to your customer needs and deliver marketing solutions that work.   

Lougheed Marketing & Communications are a reputable company that offers effective brand marketing and web development services. We are a creative agency that focuses on delivering for brands with the latest marketing and communication strategies. 

Additionally, with our content-first approach to digital branding, we help with customer acquisition and growth.  

Marketing Consultants Explained:

A marketing consultant is an external advisor with experience of working with different companies, often across many different sectors, who will devise, build and implement effective marketing strategies. They create a detailed marketing plan after determining business goals and identifying a suitable marketing mix for a particular business. 

They devise strategies and programmes that can successfully reach out to carefully selected targeted audiences. Their No. 1 priority is to monitor results and tweak the campaigns to get the best ROI from marketing efforts.  

Developing any branding strategy requires careful consideration, planning and execution. It demands good communication skills and a demonstration of in-depth consumer knowledge. In this competitive market, hiring a marketing consultant is immensely important. 

Effective marketing strategies help with brand exposure, so that potential customers are more inclined to purchase your products and services. 

A good and experienced marketing professional will always have fresh ideas to expand businesses while keeping within a tight budgetary framework.  

Independent Marketing professionals are business innovators. They are typically very creative personalities who are comfortable with using new technologies and the opportunities these technologies afford clients. Additionally, they are dedicated professionals who work on achieving a measurable outcome for their clients. 

In this way we at Lougheed Marketing are focused on delivering the highest level of marketing strategy and planning expertise for our clients in Cork. 

Key Roles And Responsibilities 

  1.   Manage Company Marketing Activities 
  •     Conducting and managing research on primary and secondary sources 
  •     Employee interviews as appropriate 
  •     Manage key surveys 
  •     Identify any issues and manage corrective actions. 
  •     Understand competitors and identify market opportunities 
  •     Gather, analyse and present data to key management personnel. 
  •     Reinforce organisation’s culture within the framework of business visions and values. 
  •     Manage internal communications and business events 
  •     Develop new plans of action as appropriate
  1.   Products And Service
  •     Make relevant suggestions for product development based on customer feedback.
  •     Manage product launches  
  •     Use research methodologies to test innovations and market based feedback 
  •     Manage business branding requirements
  1.   Lead Generation 
  •     Undertake a thorough evaluation of all marketing campaigns 
  •     Strategise digital marketing campaigns and optimise same for faster ROI 
  •     Undertake email marketing initiatives, Pay-per-click (PPC), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), social media marketing and Search Engine Marketing initiatives.
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