In today’s digital world, people are continually searching online for all kinds of information. Usually when searching for products and services, they mostly use the Google platform to undertake the search. If you run a business, your website needs to be the bullseye target of these searches as they relate to your products or services. However, you should note that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is as important as an effective website in ensuring your business ranks highly in the organic search on Google. No matter how effective and attractive your website might be, you would still be well advised to do what you can to ensure it ranks as highly as possible in Google Search in a way that will be seen by more of the right customers.

Working with an experienced and reputable company in Cork will help you to improve the performance of your website so that your business performs better in SERP. In this way you will improve your organic reach, search result success and ultimately, and over time, you will attract more valuable customers to your business. 

Developing An SEO Friendly Website  

At its most basic level, your business performs better when the search engines can crawl your page information better. The search engines clearly understanding your posted content is the primary step in ensuring enhanced visibility on SERP.   

Building an SEO friendly website requires careful planning. Following a structured approach with a solid digital marketing plan to representing your business successfully is fundamental to a successful outcome. Using the correct tools and strategies designed to inform customers of your value proposition will deliver results over time that are more genuine and more long lasting than advertising on its own.

Website Page Speed 

Every business should aim to have a faster website loading speed so that the customer experience is a positive one from the get go. Customers time is precious and you don’t want to lose them once they have taken the time to visit your website. We recommend our clients to focus on optimising your website to improve the speed of their web pages so that they load quickly, preferably within three seconds, Loading times of web pages is an important ranking signal. 

Content And Keywords  

Website content is vital for SEO success. Website developers should know your business objectives and set up the search function with relevant keywords. These are terms that each user will search while looking for information. The content should be fresh, original and free of plagiarism. Ensuring the placement of keywords is done to ensure a better ranking of the relevant web page. In addition, link building from credible websites also helps to improve rankings.    

Visual Appeal  

In addition to SEO practices, developers should be aware of the importance of  good website design. The visual appeal will help your business to get more clicks. It will drive more website traffic, and you can strategically transform visitors into potential customers. 

Businesses should focus on having a home page that is clean and clutter-free. Carefully choose the images and font being use and strive to achieve user-friendly navigation with the right balance of colours. Responsive website design is an important concept that boosts SERP rankings. 

On-Page Optimisation Strategies   

  • Use of the correct header tags, title tags, image alt tags, and meta description tags.
  • Creating a URL structure optimised for search engines and the users
  • Building an informative architecture with internal linking and navigation so that search engines can crawl the website data effectively
  • Earn inbound links with updated content 
  • Implement multiple content types like videos, images, texts and lists  
  • Build a mobile-friendly website 
  • The website should represent your brand values effectively

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