Growing any business can be challenging for business owners and entrepreneurs. It is vital that you research your business idea to ensure your plan is viable and that there are profitable niches that will help you to succeed. Furthermore, you should take the time to clearly define key target audiences and demographics. The key is in aligning marketing strategy with initiatives that will enhance growth and ensure profitability.  

You should contact experienced marketing agencies in Cork who can help you to develop strategic marketing plans designed to complement your business objectives. A good marketing business will also help you to create a good marketing sales funnel designed to optimise conversions and make your business sustainable. These key fundamentals can also help you build long term business-client relationship.  

What is a Marketing Strategy? 

A strong marketing strategy is an overall business planning framework that aims to increase business opportunities and grow prospects. The goal is to acquire more customers and so aid business success and profitability.   

Components of a Strategic Marketing Plan include:

  •       Detailed Marketing Planning 
  •       Identifying key target audiences/segments  
  •       Strategies designed to deliver on business goals 
  •       Campaign tracking and measurement 

The five main areas to focus on while designing a marketing strategy are:

  1.   Company objectives
  2.   Prospective buyer/customer research (Buyer’s Persona)
  3.   Identifying and addressing challenges
  4.   Developing a customer focused set of solutions. 
  5.   Business differentiation (how we are different from competitors)

Marketing Strategies Designed to Grow a Business

Social Media Use:

A key objective of every marketer these days is to establish a strong online business presence even for businesses that are designed for success based on the power of social media. Being consistent with your content and posting strategy will help to build momentum and make the task of engaging with existing and new customers easier. 

Be authentic and relevant in the information you are share. Your posts should be designed with the needs of key target audiences in mind. Direct messaging is another useful way of increasing customer engagement. Why not try communicating with them directly with information about your products and services.

Build a lead magnet 

When creating new marketing strategies, you should focus on building a steady stream of leads or prospects. This can be achieved by measuring various metrics such as churn rate, acquisition rate, bounce rate etc. 

Video marketing 

Video marketing is becoming the predominant way to cut through the clutter and to engage with those key target audiences. Movement, sound and slick editing helps to grow engagement, awareness and ultimately sales of products and services. Video is also a great way to get your brand messaging from the short term memory to the long term memory which aids in long term brand awareness. With a myriad of positing options nowadays that include YouTube, Facebook, Tik-Tok and more – it really is about knowing how to shoot the best video and where and when to host it depending on key marketing metrics specific to every business. 

Search Engine Optimisation 

The goal of every marketer and business owner is to ensure their business is positioned and ranked highly when it comes to online search. To achieve this you should incorporate SEO and other inbound marketing tactics. SEO is hugely powerful and helps to leverage your business toward achieving your long term goals. With content marketing and the analysis of performance metrics, you can add huge value to your business.  

Consult Lougheed Marketing & Communications for their effective and results-oriented marketing strategies. They help brands develop their identity and enhance business growth with carefully designed marketing strategies and smart insights.

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