As the name suggests, web design focuses on the visual aesthetics of the website. A professional web designer will check the colour scheme, layout of the website, flow of information and other visual aspects like the UX/UI designs of the website so that the right style of website is built for every clients unique requirements.

Web development, in contrast, focuses on the development of the website using a front-end and back-end focus. The web developer will work on the front end part as per the clients’ requirements and on the back end to address any server related issues.

For novice users, who are unfamiliar with the whole area of web development and web design, here’s a list of the key differences that will help your understanding of the various developmental roles. Understanding these difference will help you to choose the best web development partner in Cork for your website.

Web Developer vs Web Designer

The role of a web designer is completely different from that of a web developer, and here are some points to clarify these roles for you:

  • A web designer focuses on enhancing the website’s appearance and aesthetics while developers focus on improving the functionality and structure of the website.


  • Web designers visualise and create a prototype of the web site while the web developers are the ones who work to verify the design and check the budgetting viability and technical feasibility of the web design proposed by the designer.


  • Web designers don’t have the coding knowledge. Rather they are qualified graphics experts who can efficiently use animation tools. On the other hand, to become a successful web developer, a person must have a working knowledge of different backend and front end codes.


  • The cost of hiring a web developer is generally high compared to hiring a web designer.


  • Typically, web developers focus on either the front end of back end of website design while web designers are qualified to work up UX/UI designs and visuals for websites.


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