Since the advent of the internet, brands have come up with innovative and effective strategies to help their business to get noticed. The continuous impact of digital and social media continues to make this innovation just as necessary today. For small businesses, effective PR services can deliver excellent results. It helps build a steady and growing audience and helps to promote brand reputation. Our Public Relations Services in Cork are designed to help businesses devise public relations strategies that fit their business objectives and that are designed to deliver considerable payback. 

How PR Helps Small Businesses To Grow:

Here are some reasons why businesses should opt for a smart PR strategy.  

1. Create Awareness 

Having a PR strategy helps build brand awareness. Our communications department will devise effective ways and methods of spreading your brand message and associated information. In this way, you will attract more customers to your business by cutting through the clutter and engaging with them directly both online and offline. Whether you are a new or existing business, PR can help you to achieve your business goals. We offer a range of PR services for every business and every budget, and we will ensure that your public relations activities are fully aligned to your marketing and brand strategies. 

2. Brand Building 

Impactful PR helps strengthen your brand values. PR is a great way to tell your customers about your products and services. A good PR strategy will help you to focus on expanding your business while continuing to cater for existing customers. For small businesses, PR will increase visibility for your business and helps to increase revenue. PR helps bridge the gap between businesses and key target customers in various ways, including,  video marketing, customer/client events, thought leadership releases and more.

3. Generating Trust 

Some things are more suited to PR than to traditional marketing. While consumers do not automatically trust all brand messages, PR content delivers an authenticity about the brand to them by delivering earned publicity and word of mouth measurables instead of going the route of paid advertisements. PR is proven to be 90% more effective than advertising. PR also supplements marketing and leverages brand value. In this way it is more economical to market small businesses and to gain an audience’s trust.  

4. Boost Brand Visibility  

PR is all about building trust and delivering value. It helps in establishing sustainable relationships while generating goodwill for a business. For a small business, this plays a major part in boosting recognition of a brand name. Our PR Service experts will share timely and relevant stories that are designed to capture an audience’s interest. This in turn will help your business to rank higher up in SERPs.  

5. Build Long-Lasting Relationships 

Customer communication can seem time consuming. However, with PR, you can work it out systematically. Our team are familiar with the best techniques to influence the market in your favour. These communications pieces are designed to change the public perceptions of your business. 

6. Crisis Management

In the event of a business facing a crisis situation, or preferably, preparing for the unlikely event of a crisis occurring, it is extremely important that steps are devised and implemented that will communicate effectively whilst at the same safeguarding the reputation of a business.

Poor or non-existent crisis management strategies could well be the undoing of a business as the public will lose confidence in it in a way that could be extremely damaging.

We offer strategies and services that are designed to protect business in the unfortunate event of a crisis occurring.

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