Here’s a video that will give you an idea of the features included with Google Allo which is intended to be their answer to Siri, the popular Apple App.

Allo is available as a messaging app on both Android and iOS, and it includes an integrated “Google Assistant” feature that can draw on Google’s vast resources to answer queries you may have.

Interestingly, you can also call on the “assistant” when you’re in group chat mode – and maybe this is a good way to solve an argument on a matter of fact?

As well as recognising text, Allo can also recognise the subject matter being discussed, and can lend its assistance as required.

For those who prefer less interference from big brother, there is an option to go “in-cognito” for total privacy.

Those who like to use stickers will be pleased to note that this function is available on Allo also, and finally users have the option of increasing or decreasing text size to suit their individual needs.

Hope you enjoy this latest featured from the “connected World” that just keeps on giving.


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