Event planning and organisation can be both rewarding and stressful at various times. An individual engaged in event planning must have strong leadership qualities with a structured approach to planning any event. For example, conference organisers are typically skilled at catering to the needs of the corporate clients base. Therefore, they need to keep a cool head at all times, work to specific timeframes with a strong focus on perfection at all times. Organisers must be able to focus on every small detail around event design, invitees and of course, the smooth running of every event from a technical perspective.

Here’s a list of skills that every conference organiser should possess.

Organisation and Planning Skills

Pre-planning for a complete event is the first thing that every conference organiser must do. A good event organiser must possess excellent organisation skills and be able to manage a wide range of services necessary for the success of any event including catering, theming, lighting, and security. Sharing information, managing timelines and ensuring that every person involved adheres to the set timeline are some of the skills required to be a successful conference organiser.

Knowledge of Technology

Every corporate event planner must be tech-savvy. In particular they must have a good knowledge about AV, lighting, presentation displays to name but a few

A good corporate planner must have excellent communication and networking skills so that each element of a successful event is works seamlessly at all times.

Problem-Solving Skills

Successful event planners must have the skills to solve problems quickly. Events, by their nature, can throw up a large number of issues and problems requiring solutions and a good conference organiser must have be skilled at solving these in a timely and professional manner.

Multitasking and Time Management Skills

When running an event, you must have strong multitasking skills that will allow you to juggle different tasks at any one time.. To become a good event manager, you must have good time management skills and be able to multitask easily.

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