Covid-19 and the various lockdowns have had an enormous impact on many businesses and by extension on the lives of those who work for businesses that have been impacted including hospitality, retail, entertainment, events and many more.

Many businesses have not operated as normal for quite some months, while, unfortunately, some will be forced to close their doors for good – a devastating situation for those business owners and employees involved.

So, Where to from Here for Businesses

Agile businesses and those willing to adopt new strategies to target and engage with customers will be the one who will come out of this in a stronger position for the future.

Having effective and well managed digital marketing strategies is one of the key actions that business owners should make to ensure their survival and business growth.

Digital Marketing Strategies –  Designed to Protect Your Brand

With more and more business being done online it is imperative for agile business to incorporate digital marketing strategies into their overall marketing activities and thus ensure they continue to expand their customer base – even in the new business environment.

This year has seen more and more businesses develop effective digital marketing strategies designed to not only help them to survive but to grow their businesses.

Some of those who have incorporate digital marketing strategies include:

  • Traditional brick and mortar businesses are now selling online
  • Service-based businesses have improved their online booking systems and service offering 
  • All are investing time into their social media activities and in their website chatbox
  • Telephone bookings and online form filling has now become the norm
  • Brands have become more committed to using social media platforms to communicate with their customers and potential clients
  • Businesses are using more video content to share information about their product range and general business information. 

In particular, since the onset of Covid-19 Ireland has witnessed a surge in online traffic. This surge is a combined result of people shopping online, working from home and enjoying online entertainment. 

However, the largest habitual change has seen buyers taking to online shopping in a big way to buy different types of goods and services from a wide range websites over the last 12-months in particular.

How to Make Your Business Thrive?

To help you to effectively navigate the myriad digital marketing and social media decisions you should consider working with an experienced marketing team who will work with you to create bespoke marketing strategies and solutions for your business and your brand that are complimentary of your business goals. 

These carefully thought-out strategies will include Social Media Optimisation work (SMO) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies that are designed to substantially improve the ranking of your business.

The experienced team at Lougheed Marketing is once such business. We will create a brand awareness program designed to increase awareness of brands and encourage key target audiences to engage with your business. 

Please visit our website at for more information on how we can help your business to both survive and to thrive during these challenging times.

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