(Pic: BuzzFeed)

Continuing their drive to be complete masters of the Social Media Universe, Facebook are soon to launch Facebook At Work (now being tested at selected sites).

Essentially it will be the familiar Facebook interface in a contained, internal network for individual businesses.

There’s no doubt but businesses will be interested in this product, primarily because the functionality will be identical to the Facebook social media platform, thus cutting down on any training or systems costs involved with implementation.


(Pic: BuzzFeed)

A concern being expressed is that employers are keen to reduce the time spent by employees on social media, but provided they can be assured that this is a contained system for use internally exclusively, it is only a matter of time before business of all kinds see the benefits.

An effortless way to keep all staff members in the loop, and to encourage participation, suggestions and ideas that will ultimately benefit the business.

(Pic: BuzzFeed_

(Pic: BuzzFeed)

It will be particularly of interested for larger businesses in upping their communications channels and frequency of same. No matter how large, diverse or dispersed a business might be, this solution will help turn-on a 24/7 communication package that will encourage and foster buy-in from employees at all levels of the organisation. This can only be a positive.

Facebook expect to unveil Facebook For Business shortly, so watch this space.


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